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Friday, December 10, 2010

(Public Sex in) Vienna by Night

by Barbra

To get the mood right, I suggest you listen to this song while reading this blog post (if you can). It’s a grand remake of Fendrich’s ‘Wien bei Nacht’ (‘Vienna by Night’). They just haven't gotten around to make a proper video yet.

In case you didn’t know, Vienna has a population of about 1.7 million. Vienna is Austria’s biggest city and our capital.

Also, it's a tourist's paradise. There’s the
Schönbrunn Palace with its magnificent gardens and the zoo.

Or if you’re more into buildings, take a tour with the tram along the Ringstraße, where you first pass the Opera,

then the Hofburg on one side

and the Museum of Fine Arts

as well as the Museum of Natural History on the other side.

Around the corner (careful, the ride with the tram is rather bumpy at that point) there’s the Parliament on your left

and the next stop is right in front of the Burgtheater.

But I mustn’t forget to mention the Prater!

And you've got to see the Central Cemetary where they buried Mozart among others.

(To learn more about what to see in Vienna, please have a look at this site).

Lately however, there’s also a lot to see by night. A video has been posted on youtube about a young couple having sex in the venerable U1, one of Vienna’s five subways (here’s a link to the video on youtube; on this site you can see the same video if you scroll down a bit and on this site is another video).

Some people react with outrage, but most people think it’s funny. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it’s sad that you can apparently do anything when using the subway at night without a policeman close-by. Yay!
On the other hand, you can see that the two (who, according to eyewitnesses, were drunk and had only met there and then) were just teenagers, fooling around. (???) Did they have no money left to get a hotel room, because they’d spent it all on booze before? It was too cold outside two nights ago, so any of the magnificent greenery and parks of Vienna were out of the question, I totally get that.

Which begs the question: When you visit another country and marvel at, say, a brilliant sculpture in the middle of a breathtaking park, do you ever wonder what happened the night before under that tree you’re standing right now? Do you wonder why the earth beneath your right heel is a bit softer than that under your left one? Was it because there might have been rain the night before, hm? But the streets had been dry when you’d woken up that morning...

I’ve never thought about it, but from now on I’ll never look upon places which invite people to have public sex (and places that don’t, which again do, which is, in fact, mind boggling, isn’t it?) the same way again. Moreover, I now understand why they’d really taken the old upholstery (a very odd mix of violet and pink plush) away and fitted all subway cars with those ghastly orange plastic chairs instead. Easier to wipe and disinfect.

What do you think about it? Gross? Hilarious? Sign of the times?

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