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Welcome to Chloe Harris' Blog

"Chloe Harris" really is the pseudonym for two writers, Noelle and Barbra, who've joined forces to write intriguing and sexy stories. A quintessential eccentric southerner, Noelle seems to find a story in almost everything. Ever ambitious to change her stars, she has a degree in Communications. Barbra lives together with her cat ('Princess Mimi'), who isn't very happy that she is spending so much time on writing. But this folly of the living can opener with opposable thumbs is mostly tolerated.

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10 Questions to Chloe Harris


What's your favorite book/song/movie/perfume?

'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Where to begin. I completely identify with Nick Carraway the master Observer and bastion of sanity watching the wild world crumble and change around him. The end of innocence, unrequited love and oh those shirts that bring you to tears! "Blessed are the dead that the rain falls upon".

One of my favorite movies is 'Desk Set' with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, 1957. Because Bunny Watson has my dream job and is as witty and smart as any woman you'll ever find.

Favorite Song? I'll have to say 'Make Yourself' by Incubus. It's really an anthem for my life.

Perfume? I love The Body Shop Perfume oils that you can mix and match and add to all their unscented products to make them personal. Two of my favorites are Pink Pepper and Lemon Tea. 
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I never got over my infatuation with Mr. Darcy.

Favorite movie? Difficult to answer. I love going to the cinema and I love watching movies at home even more!

Favorite song? The Wretched by Nine Inch Nails. It fits. Me.

Favorite perfume? Not an easy one either. It depends on my mood. L'Instant (Guerlain),Beautiful (Estée Lauder) and Aromatics (Clinique) are among my favorites.

What are your hobbies?

I love to cook, read, try to learn how to play tennis and walk in the woods.
Besides writing you mean? Why, reading, of course. What an asinine question.
I also read cards. Plus, I'm very fond of pc games like CivIV. I hate to tell you this, but I'm one ofthose... ;-) Or I like something completely different like DSII or DSIIBW. Right now I'm totally into Sacred 2. Hopefully the wait for DIIIisn’t too long!

Who is your favorite actor?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He just has that something you can’t describe but you know you want some of.
Johnny Depp is a mouthwatering, handsome and very versatile actor. Choleric Christian Bale makes me purr. Green-eyed god Gerard Butler and his sexy brogue make me fall on my knees and drool uncontrollably. Kyle Schmid with his cute dimples makes me want to snuggle with him, tickle him under the chin, run my fingers through his hair... the rest is history. And, believe me, you so don't want to know what I want to do with Jensen Ackles.

What's your favorite/least favorite word?

Chicane. I just like the way it sounds. “Now I’m stranded on a love chicane” - Burn Again by Kubb.
Sammie – meaning Sandwich. No offensive to Rachel Ray but that is way too cutesy for me.

What turns you on?

The cerebral.
I'm prude. And frigid. Oh-kay... does that still count as a little white lie?

What sound or noise do you love/hate?

A great song. Music can be powerful.
It’s weird, but sometimes birds chirping in the morning. I think it’s from hating summer camp and hearing the birds in the morning reminds me when I’d to be the first one up for KP duty.
Wind chimes. I have them everywhere around me.
What I hate is the sound of spiders. Don't laugh. There are pc games and movies where you sometimes hear that... n-n-noise. I really hate when that happens.

What's your favorite swearword or curse?

The F* word. If you don't abuse it, it can be very effective when you use it.
A lady is not supposed to use such bad language! I rarely use a swearword or curse. But if I do, I sound like an old lady with my old-fashioned expletive Ohhh-dee-uh!!!
Lately, however, I've felt the need to express my emotions with something stronger than that and sometimes I caught myself blushing while thinking the f-word along with some s***, d*** and b******* - for variation I suppose.

What profession would you not like to do?

Salesman. I have some serious misanthropic tendencies.
I could never work in an abattoir. 

Plant/tree/animal you'd like to come back as?

A hummingbird. My mother loved them.
What makes you think I wanna come back???

What would you like to hear God say to you?

I'd like to hear God say "It's Ok" when we meet.
Something like "Come in and choose a harp, get a comfy cloud... But for heaven's sake, don't sing or I'll throw you into that pit with the homely fire down there for sure this time!" would be nice.