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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Noelle Thinks She’s Half Vulcan

1. I love logic.

2. I understand that Valentine’s Day was created by a marketing department somewhere and couldn’t care less about it.

3. I can do that “Live Long and Prosper” V thing with my fingers on both hands.

4. I hate public displays of affection.

5. I’d rather be smart than fun.

6. I don’t care that my DH doesn't wear his ring. Most of the time it’s for safety and I don’t attach sentiment to it.

7. I’d sleep with Kirk but I’d marry Spock.

8. I hate made for Lifetime movies.

9. It’s hard to get an emotion out of me but they are extreme when they surface.

10. I have one pointed ear. (That accounts for me thinking I'm only half.)

So what about you? Ever feel like you’ve from another planet? If you could be of any race from any Sci Fi world what would you be?


Anonymous said...

*LOL* I ALWAYS feel like I'm from another planet!

Noelle said...

Yes but which one?

Anitra Lynn McLeod said...

I'm pretty sure I'm from another planet. I don't know which one but I always feel just a little different from those around me. I think I write to connect to humans so I can better understand them. :) Oh, and I agree with every point you made except I don't have a pointed ear. I love freaking people out by doing the V thing with both my hands at the same time. It's great for parties!

Noelle said...

ALM it souds like we might be from the same planet!

I totally agree with writing as a way of trying to better understand these beings called humans.

Carole St-Laurent said...

Noelle, that's a hoot!!

Noelle said...

Thanks Carole! I try. lol