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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Facebook Enigma

by Barbra

After Noelle revealed her secret, I’m going to tell you my secret too. I’ve never been a friend of facebook. As a matter of fact, I think there are few things I hated more. Well . . . I’m not sure if I’d really eaten fish or celery or both to avoid facebook. I probably wouldn’t have.

In my quest to get rid of negative influences in my life, I had a closer look at facebook. I really saw no choice but to do one of the two: finally (1) try to get better acquainted with facebook, or (2) delete my FB account. I’m not one to take drastic steps lightly, so I logged on FB and had a closer look at it. After an hour an idea took shape in my head and I formed a hypothesis. Immediately, I set out to prove it.

My hypothesis:
FB isn’t necessarily a place where only a certain clique meets.

That was always my problem. I didn’t like FB because I’ve never liked cliques or elitist thinking. Don’t get me wrong: That’s what I perceived FB was about - and I had nobody to tell me differently.
In reality FB is, as I found out now, about connecting - something else altogether. I’m a fairly simple girl and I like to have fun. So now I actually use FB. I pass the time with it and play (the following) games* (:)

Slaying dragons in Castle Age and training fish in My Aquarium are my favorites activities these days. Age of Castles is also nice, but I think it can’t compare to Castle Age. It’s like Mafia Wars or Vampire Wars. All three games are nice but for me they aren’t as fascinating as Castle Age. Farmville is funny and, like all the others, relaxing while having a break.

* I’d be delighted to welcome you in my army or if we became neighbors!

I usually work for an hour and then take a 15 min break. I get something to eat (since I stopped smoking I eat almost all the time) and then spend the rest of my break with doing quests, harvesting, plowing or planting or feeding my fish and cleaning the aquarium. In order to earn more virtual money and/or virtual rewards, I connect with people from all over the world.

I’m not fooling myself. I know I get easily bored and restless and eventually move on, but for now, these games capture my attention and I enjoy them.

Everybody needs to do what relaxes them and what makes them happy. For me it’s games on FB. What is it for you?


Noelle said...

Hey. I'm back from a long weekend get away.
I'm glad you are getting into facebook.

I don't play any of the the games but DD#1 loves scramble and I know lots of people that seem to love Mafia Wars.

Sharon Bernas said...

Hi Barbra,

I admit I'm not as avid a user of FB as I probably should be as far as networking goes. I find it interesting you use it as a break from writing.
I've gotten hooked on a virtual world called Second Life that I use exactly the same way. It's a place to interact socially since writing can be isolating and I often attend writing events in world.
It gives me a break and a boost!
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sharon, thanks for commenting!

Yes, FB gives you a break from being isolated. But not only because of the game(s). If you're alone and/or can't sleep, you will always find somebody among your virtual friends willing to chat!