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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Romance and Patriotism

We don't think too much about there being patriotism in romance. It might not be the good old USA 4th of July type most of the time, but it's there.

Like in the great Hitchcock film Notorious starting Ingrid Bergman & Cary Grant. Alicia is the daughter of a former Nazi convicted of treason. The US government plays on the fact that unlike her father she is a loyal American citizen. She's recruited to infiltrate a Nazi group working in Brazil but quickly falls for her handler played by Grant.

So many Historical romances use apposing alliances to create conflict. As in Susan Johnson's At Her Service where two spies fiercely loyal to opposite sides fall for each other during the Crimean War .

Secrets of Sin even has a bit of patriotism when Emilie's dear friend, Monsieur Ameliore, makes it clear in chapter one that he's a patriotic Frenchman concerned with the latest conflict with England.

What about you? With the 4th coming up, where have you seen patriotism in romance?

1 comment:

Samantha Kane said...

Suzanne Brockmann, of course. I'm drawing a blank right now on any others. But I like a book with reluctant patriotism. You know, the kind where the hero or heroine is a lone wolf, but when the chips are down they come out fighting for the red, white and blue, or King and country, or whatever. Where the patriotism is an inherent part of the character's arc. Can I name one right now? No, lol. At least not romance books. But a good example is Martin Cruz Smith's December 6, which, as everyone knows, is one of my favorite books. Also a classic science fiction book about post-nuclear Florida, Alas Babylon, another all time fav.