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Monday, June 29, 2009

Come Hell or High Water

by Barbra

I’m back!!!

You see, we here in this small country in the heart of Europe, a place called Austria, had about 10 days of all kinds of rain. Heavy rain coming from all sides with gale-force winds. Thunderstorms--and oh, what thunderstorms those were!!! The sky was a dark grey green and you could see the clouds rolling over, about and against each other. We also had hailstorms. I remember last year we had hail as big as hen’s eggs. Thank goodness we had only tiny hail this year or I would have been very, VERY upset and very, VERY worried about Suko.

Nothing gentle and there seemed to be no end in sight.

So what did I do? I read books. Two of them were wall-throwing material. At first I thought it wasn’t so easy to read because of my conjunctivitis, but as soon as my eyes got better, I threw the book against the wall after plodding through it for 150 pages. The next one lasted 43 pages before I threw it. Yeah, it was that bad.
I stopped reading the third one two days ago. I’m on page 98 and somehow I don’t care why the two of them should get it on again... so I can’t make myself going on reading it. I’ll probably throw it also.

But let's get back to more important stuff. Of course, all that heavy rain took its toll. Vast areas of Austria were flooded. Death toll: Yesterday a 16 year old boy drowned.

Now this may sound a bit strange, but never in my whole life (and I’ve been here for quite a while already) did we have a flood here in this tiny spot of Austria where I live.
But this year we did. The basement was under water. The water was up to my knees... I think, I didn’t go in there. I let the firemen do their job and that was it.
Naturally, the things I’d stored in the basement are useless now. I’m waiting for the rest of the water (less than an inch now) to be gone for good. Then I’ll junk them. At least now I have a reason to get rid of all that--finally.

Just to give you an idea what Austria was/is like these days:

Picture of the hydroelectric plant in Freudenau, Vienna:

This is what it was like on 6/23:

(Oh yes. June is definitely a bad month for a vacation in Austria. Did you notice the red car--not the one passing. I mean the other... Did you see it?)


Samantha Kane said...

Ugh, looks awful. My husband's grandmother lives in Vorau, but she's high on a hill luckily.

As for recent reads, I haven't liked the last four books I read. I didn't throw them at the wall only because I don't want to model that behavior for the kids. ;-) I finished reading all of them, however, for research purposes. A don't do this sort of thing. Two of them I read for research anyway, into lines, publishers, editors etc. But two I was really looking forward to and was very disappointed. Sigh.

Noelle said...

I was in the mid-west last summer and St. Louis looked very much like that then.

I don't even want to talk about bad books. It seems like it's all there is out there these days.