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Monday, March 30, 2009

History So Thick You Can Taste It.

Don’t you just love places where the history is so thick you can taste it? I do. I even teared-up the first time I stepped onto Boston Common. I get a rush looking at something when I can tell it hasn’t changed much it hundreds of years. One of those places I can never get enough of is Charleston SC. Even with its state of the art bridge it’s a city that revels in its history while moving forward with its industry, art and culture.

So where is that place for you, the place that you can’t get enough of?


Samantha Kane said...

I don't really have one spot in particular. I like old battlefields and graveyards. The closest was probably Paris, with London a close second. We went to Pere la Chaise (I think that's how you spell it. It was a long time ago, and I don't feel like looking it up) which is the very big, very famous graveyard in Paris where Jim Morrison is buried. I went there years ago before they cleaned it up and there were junkies shooting up in the mausoleums. ::shudder:: Went back about ten years ago, and that was all gone. But I loved seeing Moliere's grave, and Edith Piaf and so many famous people I can't name them all. Oscar Wilde has a huge headstone, like an Egyptian sarcophagus. And in London you can still see the bullet holes in some of the buildings downtown from the German blitz in WWII.

Anonymous said...

Rome! I've always been enamored with Ancient Rome and when I was there... it felt like... home... in a way? Non lo so. Mi dispiace ma non parlo italiano. Yep. That's probably the only drawback. They speak Italian there in Italy! *tsk tsk*
But I don't need to go that far to find a whiff of Ancient Rome. The remains of an old Roman fort are close by (and they speak Austrian there - duh!). So when I'm in need of a deep breath of history I go to Carnuntum (http://www.carnuntum.co.at).