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"Chloe Harris" really is the pseudonym for two writers, Noelle and Barbra, who've joined forces to write intriguing and sexy stories. A quintessential eccentric southerner, Noelle seems to find a story in almost everything. Ever ambitious to change her stars, she has a degree in Communications. Barbra lives together with her cat ('Princess Mimi'), who isn't very happy that she is spending so much time on writing. But this folly of the living can opener with opposable thumbs is mostly tolerated.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I’m Supposed to Write That?

What do you do when a story calls to you that is so far out of your norm you’re shocked and dismayed?
I don’t really write contemporaries. I don’t write military for sure. I trend to write hot hot paranormal and historical bordering on and spilling over into erotica. So why can’t I let this idea for a military themed contemporary that seems better suited for Harlequin Super Romance go? Not that there is anything at all wrong with Harlequin Super Romance. I so admire and respect those that can write within the harlequin frame work. But it’s just not anything I’ve ever remotely considered.
I heard a story about a marine on NPR that moved me greatly and automatically this kernel of a story appeared. And maybe it was just a defensive mechanism. Maybe I retreated from the harshness of the reality of the radio piece into a story in my own mind that could have a happy ending. I don’t know but that moment has passed and the story is still there. I’ll keep thinking about it and just see what happens…


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