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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Which one is your favorite?

by Barbra

It so happened as I was watching X-Men: First Class at the cinema last night that I bought Popcorn and ... well, I couldn’t buy the usual (which is yellow M&M’s), because I’m on a strict “NO chocolate!” diet. Bummer. So I had to settle for something else. What should I take? What? What? Oh! Here they are. Jelly Beans. Haven’t had one in, oh years, I guess, so why not try it again?

It occurred to me only later that when it’s dark I can’t really pick out the ones I don’t like. So every bite is a surprise. And right after that I thought that must be how J.K. Rowling invented Harry Potter’s wizardry sort of jelly beans - forgot what she called them, the ones that make you do all kinds of funny noises. Know which ones I mean?

So, in the pack were the following flavors:
blueberry, bubble gum°, buttered popcorn*, candy floss, chocolate pudding***, coconut, green apple°, island punch, lemon lime, lemon, liquorice**, orange sherbet, peach°, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, tangerine*, toasted marshmallow°, tutti-frutti, very cherry, watermelon°.

° Top 5 in my opinion
* yuck!!!!!
** very YUCK!!!
*** you know, that really tastes like E.B. just ... you know what.

It really seemed that the pack was full of the yuck - and especially the very yuck - flavors and none of the good ones, so I had to put it aside. Every time I bit into a very yuck one, disgust made my face pucker and I closed my eyes involuntarily - and so missed another millisecond of drooling over Mr. Fassbender (ohhh ... now that I think of it: Can I have your baby, Mr. Fassbender? Why don’t you send it in the mail. An ice chest should do the trick). I brought it home with me (the Jelly Beans, not the ice chest!) so that I could write this thought-provoking post.

I was wondering: Do you like Jelly Beans? If so, what’s your favorite flavor? And your least favorite? Or your Top 5 favorite/least favorite?

1 comment:

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

I like the recipes. You know like 2 green apple and 1 cinnamon makes a candy apple.