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"Chloe Harris" really is the pseudonym for two writers, Noelle and Barbra, who've joined forces to write intriguing and sexy stories. A quintessential eccentric southerner, Noelle seems to find a story in almost everything. Ever ambitious to change her stars, she has a degree in Communications. Barbra lives together with her cat ('Princess Mimi'), who isn't very happy that she is spending so much time on writing. But this folly of the living can opener with opposable thumbs is mostly tolerated.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Anniversary

by Barbra

Hi. I'm B* and I haven't smoked a cigarette in a year. Hooray!

It's 6332 cigarettes I didn't smoke.
This morning it's the 270th day that I didn't cough my lungs out when I woke up.
I no longer suffer from a sore throat all the time.
I no longer have cold fingers and toes all the time.
I'm no longer as pale as a corpse.
I no longer smell like an ashtray.

Unfortunately, I've gained a few pounds. Okay, a lot. But I let the treadmill suffer for it. Eventually--I'm absolutely certain of it--I'll lose those extra pounds.

Unfortunately, my olfactory sense has returned to its full capacity. My BFF calls me "truffle pig". Another friend says she went through that when she was pregnant and she hated it. She admires me for enduring "stink" all the time.


Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

I am so proud of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Just yesterday I thought this anniversary is nothing special. But I've come to realize it is. There are many people out there who'd like to quit but can't. It doesn't seem fair it was so easy for me.

Belonging to the club of non-smokers now is definitely something I should celebrate, something I should be proud of! And I am.