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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Sux If U Aks Me

by Barbra

Or as my dear FB friend Dave would say: “Not happy, don't feel good, not feeling the love, hating more than a couple things, I am not fit for human company right now.”

I'm not Eeyore. I’m just sick and tired of winter. I think I need to move to Florida. Or Georgia. Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. Texas. New Mexico. Arizona. Or southern California. Or Australia! Someplace where it’s warm all year round!

The other day I was talking to a colleague. She said she loved winter; for her there was nothing better than a really cold winter day when the sun shone. I looked out of the window and then drew up my “you’ve-gotta-be-kiddin’-eyebrow” while saying “Oh yeah? I saw the sun last . . . oh wait, last year. Remember we had a lovely December!” (You won’t know that but until December 21st we had about 60°F here, then within two days the temperature dropped to -4°F - and it has been that cold ever since). She frowned, admitting reluctantly that I had a point there.

Winter is AWFUL (and that's putting it nicely) - in my opinion. What’s to like about it? It’s cold and snowy, the days are too short, the nights are too long and you have to wear too many pieces of clothing so that you don’t freeze to death whenever you (have to) leave the house. You don’t get enough sunlight and as a result of that lack of melatonin a seasonal affected disorder lurks just around the corner - and let’s be honest, sooner or later it bites you on the butt no matter what you do.

Well, no. Not “no matter what you do”. I mean, if you can afford it, you spend the winter where it’s warm. I know of a lot of people who dodge gaining those extra frustration pounds that way. Others use a tanning booth as a means to hold depression at bay.

I don’t do either. For one I can’t leave my kitty alone for three months. As for tanning booths, yes, I did that when I was young. But I prefer skin as white as alabaster nowadays. *lol*

So what do I do instead? I prefer reading about warm, sunny and in a word nice places. Historical romances (btw, in case it escaped your attention somehow, but a really nice spicy yummy historical with a Caribbean setting is finally available!!!), contemporary romances, but I’ve yet to discover a paranormal romance that’s set in a warm and sunny place. Stupid lore says something about vampires being highly allergic to sunlight . . .

Do you think I should emigrate? If so, where would be best in your opinion?
Or maybe you could just tell me what you do to pass the time until spring is finally back again.
Or can you tell me a great new novel set in a warm, sunny, nice place besides Secrets of Sin?

I’d appreciate your input. But don’t sound too cheery. I’m not in the mood. Or as Erin (another FB friend) would say: “I know I'm in a bad mood when I find other people's happiness irritating.” *lol*
Just kidding.
Well, maybe.
A little.


Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

I was born in winter and I enjoy it. They are calling for a few inches of snow here this weekend and I can't wait!!! Go winter!!!

So is that the response you were looking for? ((Blinks Innocently)) :)

Anonymous said...

*snort* Yeah. Kinda. *grumble*

C'mon, Noelle, let me be grumpy. Due to PMS I enjoy this pity party a lot! *LOL*

Noelle (Chloe Harris) said...

You know me I'm not really a Party Girl. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's why your cheeriness threw me!

alba said...

Man I so feel ya well I wont cause my hands are like sandpaper dont even look at my legs.
got a cupboard full of moisturizer Jergens is my best friend this year....
few years back DH & I decided to go to the beach every year in the cold weather nothing like laying in the warm sand swimming in the ocean....
This year our Niece is getting married in Jamaica March 2nd so looking forward to that...
Have A good weekend..

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You're so right! I didn't want to mention my addiction to moisturizer (and nothing but heavy duty Eucerin helps!) because I was getting on in years and my skin isn't what it used to be, blablabla. So it's not just because I'm getting older, it's the winter! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ann. I feel much better now.
Well, it's still verra cold here and I still want to cry when I just look out the window, but now that I know I'm not alone, I feel much better!

Jamaica in March sounds . . . ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!

Hope you have/had a great weekend too!