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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Blaze of Glory

by Barbra

It’s no secret I love historical romances as much as paranormal romances if not even more so. I gobble up books - whatever I can get my hands on as long as it isn’t a phone book or a manual. I usually read a great book in eight hours. Books that take me two days to read are still amazing or, depending on their length, good. If I love a book, I’m not ashamed to admit it.
As a rule, I throw away bad novels on day three. Any book that survives day three in my house may still not be good, but it’s tolerable and not a complete waste of money and time.

I hope no one minds me being blunt but I've noticed something with paranormals I just had to speak up about.

I’m okay with a few inconsistencies here and there, because writers are only human and it’s perfectly normal to forget a few things (says the woman who sometimes forgets her own name).

Book series are popular these days and have been for quite some time. Most readers seem to be oblivious to the fact that once an author has established themselves, readers buy a book because of the author’s name (“brand loyalty”). Publishers surely don’t mind earning a little more by publishing just one more before the last book in a series.

Ideally, at the end of a series the inferior villain(s) go down spectacularly and illuminate the superior heroes in a fiery blaze to celebrate their high moral standards, unwavering loyalty and utter and complete devotion and contribution to the greater good and, well, their glory! Not to mention the (often different) H/H having saved the world on various occasions, etc.

To be honest, I’ve never had the stamina to stick with a series long enough to read the end of it. The first 5 to 7 books (a very optimistic estimation) may be fascinating but then - in my opinion - the author jumps the shark and I lose interest.

I’m a harsh critic and an unforgiving reader. I’ve jotted down a few things that make me hate a series right away if I detect one or more of the following flaws, which I call the 5 Biggest Series Mistakes Ever:

1) Introducing new elements into the mythology that are in complete opposition to the existing/established mythology
Now, why would you want to do that? Just to make a twist fit? Well . . . Think AGAIN! It has to do with consistency. If you don’t care to stick to the original plan, why would your readers care to continue reading your work?

2) Introducing more and more villains - and the good guys are helplessly outnumbered
That’s just plain boring. You really expect me to keep up with all the villains? What do you want me to do? Take a pen and paper and make notes? *snorts*

3) Making bad guys good and unsympathetic guys likeable
Why bother painting them in the worst light possible in the first place if you’re thinking of making them redeemable heroes/heroines in the 5th book? If I don’t like the character why would I read or even want to read about him or her as the protagonist of the next book?

4) Not sticking to the original character plan but changing a character’s psychological build up to fit the tiny average mold of the average model hero
So your characters are all the same in the end? Fancy that. Oh? They’re also the same in the beginning? Why, of course I’d love to read the same story over and over again. Same plot, same characters, same obstacles in the way - only different names. That sounds about as exciting as watching ice cream melt!

5) No character development anywhere in sight - they remain static heroes/heroines
(I’ve already posted about that one in my blog post First Person Narration)

What is the one thing that made you so mad or that got on your nerves that you had a moment where you didn’t like a book?
I'd love to discuss the list or even expand it with your help. But please keep it vague. Let’s play fair. No author’s names or titles of books.

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