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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Popovers and Hardbackers

What’s been going on lately you ask? Well let’s see…

I’ve had a sneak peek at our Debutante feature in the next “The Season” ezine /newsletter. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Beverley Kendall does a fabulous job with her site. Please check it out and run don’t walk to buy her debut novel Sinful Surrender.

If you need a stocking stuffer for a reader in your life, check out the Hardbacker @http://hardbacker.com/. This durable adjustable book cover comes in lots of great colors and protects your paperback and disguises the cover if your care about that kind of thing. It comes in both trade and mass market sizes. I received one as a gift and I love it.

Right now my hardbacker is keeping safe my 15 year old copy of Teresa Mederios’s Thief of Hearts. I have the honor of kicking off a new feature at The Season –Blog where guest bloggers review one of their old favorites. I’m re-reading the book now and hope to have the review ready to post in January so stay tuned.

Anything else? Nothing book wise but with my other love cooking I did
successfully make popovers on the first try! Popovers were featured the Christmas classic I watched over the weekend, Remember the Night .
DH loved them. I’m not a huge fan of the internal texture. The entry right under popover in the Joy of Cooking was Yorkshire pudding. Now I’m obsessed with finding an occasion to make Roast Beef with authentic Yorkshire pudding. The only meal I normally host at Christmas is breakfast and that’s not quite breakfast fare.

But enough about me, what about you? Got any good stocking stuffer ideas for readers or writers? What’s your latest food obsession?

I forgot to note that comments from me will be slow. Day Job has now blocked blogspot. I can get to the blogger dashboard but not the blog itself to comment. :(


Sharon Bernas said...

Hey Noelle,

I just loved the hero's voice and sense of humour in Teresa Medeiros' Some Like It Wicked. She did it so well.
Your popovers look delicious, I've got to some Christmas baking done!

Noelle said...

I can't remember if I've read Some Like it Wicked, I'll have to check.

Good luck with your baking!