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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Wish I Was Bunny Watson

Yesterday wasn’t the best day. I had a very challenging project at the Day Job. Then when I got home DH was nice enough to do soccer practice so I could write but it turns out I lost 1500 words from Saturday. I spend the night trying to recover them but couldn’t.

It’s at these kinds of times that I think about how nice it would be to be Bunny Watson.

Who the hell is Bunny Watson you say? She’s the manager of the reference library at the Federal Broadcasting Network in the 1957 movie
Desk Set. She’s in charge of a huge library (two stories!) staffed by some great ladies. People come in or call and Bunny and the girls answer their questions about literature, movies, history, politics and more. And during the holidays they drink and party in the office.

She’s a smart as a whip independent working woman with a dream job, great friends and the cutest clothes. She lives in the most darling NYC apartment where she cooks full dinners from scratch on weeknights with mysterious deserts like floating island.

((HUGE SIGH)) I really want to be Bunny Watson.

Desk Set is a Hepburn and Tracy romantic comedy set during the holidays so if you have not seen it, now is the perfect time!

What about you? What book, TV, or movie character do you wish you could be sometimes?


Carole St-Laurent said...

I wish I was Lestat. I would eat my way through bad people :-))

Mari Freeman said...

I want to be Laura Croft. Bad-assed archaeologist, fifthly rich playgirl and smart as a whip.

Of course, I could do without bad guys trying to kill me all the time. That would suck.

Noelle said...

LOL Carole! I can think of a few people that deserve to be dessert.

Noelle said...

Mari- Laura Croft is a great choice! But yeah her after the bad guys are dealt with.