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Monday, August 31, 2009

Writer – Go Out into the World

Every writer should have a hobby away from the computer and outside of the house. No time you say? I know, I know but hear me out.

It’s important to find that balance between writing and experiencing new things. Your muse will love it if you give her some adventure to fuel her fire. You never know what you’ll find in the big wide world to inspire you. If you take the time to step away from the screen every now and then you might find things go smoother when you’re back. Plus if you pick something your family can enjoy with you they might not mind as much when you’re holed up for days with a deadline.

To that end I bought a Kayak and DH bought one too. Not counting family camping equipment, it’s the first piece of sports equipment I have bought myself in at least 15 years maybe longer. Why a kayak? I have never been sporty. I love to watch sports; I’m just not good at them at all. But water I can do for some reason. I used to ski and I was on a swim team as a kid. Plus kayaking has that same appeal as taking a train or a small plane somewhere. You can see some breath taking scenery traveling by kayak you would never normally see. And if you keep it around class 2 and below the whole family can join in the fun.

But one of the best things for me so far was to find that the motion of paddling a kayak is the perfect exercise to work out the tension in my upper back and neck that I get from sitting at a computer 8 hours at the day job before coming home to sit at a different computer for the rest of the night. It saved me a trip to the doctor for sure.

So writers get out there and get active, your muse and your back will thank you.

Tell us what you do for fun when you finally pry your figures off the keys.


Jessica Lee said...

I love being around the water, Chloe. When I get in a little better shape, kayaking is something I think I'd love to do. And I really believe you're right about getting outside, stimulating your brain and body, will in turn, stimulate your muse. Nice post!

Noelle said...

Thanks Jessica!
Hey I just opened my Passionate Ink Book Notes are you where there too. Girl you are all over the place these days!

Sabrina Luna said...

Hey there! I enjoy my time away from the keyboards by joining friends for an unofficial "dinner out" group once a month & recently joined Charlotte Geeks, who schedule movie events in the area.

Both are great fun & it's a chance to mix-n-mingle with folks who like the same things I do ...movies & food!

Others things I like to do is meet friends for coffee, haunt bookstores & enjoy a book or two curled up in my pink sheets. ;)

Good question, ladies!
Big Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

Noelle said...


I love movies but I can't tell you the last time I saw one "at the movies".
It sounds like you are ones of those socail butterflies that are so rare among writers. :)

Sabrina Luna said...

Yeah, I'm rare, I'll confess. No spouse, no kids & even no pets, so I can be a social butterfly. ;)

Big Hugs,
Sabrina )O(

Samantha Kane said...

With three kids I'm so busy "out in the world" that finding time to retreat into my own little word and maybe write a book is nearly impossible. But I keep trying. ;-)

Jessica Lee said...

Hi Noelle!

LOL! It's good to hear that I'm being seen. :) Yay! I'm trying. It's a lot of work, as you know being a debut author. Whew!

Noelle said...

LOL Sam I've been there.

And now one of mine is gone and I missed her needing me. :(