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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cover Art

by Barbra

We’ve come a long way. Remember the times when the covers of romance books were so bad that you were ashamed to read them in public (you can find examples on this website)? I do. The very first romance I read - and I started very late with that genre - made me wish the earth would kindly open up and swallow me because the cover was so... telling. Thank goodness I had inherited a leather book cover from my granny that I used to cover my shameful secret with because I simply didn’t have the time to read in private. I used public transportation to reach uni and it took me three hours to get there and back, three hours where I just couldn’t sit idly in the train and twiddle my thumbs.

Some time ago I stumbled across this website, where such covers are ridiculed. Check it out. It’s hilarious! Here are my favorites:

You can also find more of those on this website.

Back then, despite that leather cover, I was still embarrassed to read such a book. Even buying a romance with such a cover was awful. It felt like buying condoms in a store full of people staring at you.
Every one of us romance junkies has a similar story to tell, I’m sure. What’s yours? I’d love to hear it.

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