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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Last of the Epic Lovers

I debated what to write about today when I heard on NPR that today is Daniel Day Lewis’s Birthday. Which always makes me think of Last of the Mohicans. Talk about the Adventurer and the Crusader! To me the love story in this movie is one that all others are judged by. Plus DDL is so damned hot!!! And there is the beauty of my amazing state that shines through every scene.

Stories like this, and I’m a sucker for a sad love story, feed my soul. They are what drive me to want to dive into the world of epic love and write my own stories of it. They make me believe in the universe and how wonderful and awful it is to be alive.

So do you have a book, movie or play that feeds your soul and drives you on?


Carole St-Laurent said...

Great blog! An epic love story is how I got hooked into the romance genre. It was the French series of Angélique, set during the time of King Louis XIV, and the story traveled from the Mediterranean Sea to the New World. Unforgettable!

Noelle said...

Thanks Carole. I remember talking to you about those books. I still have the info on that series written down in my little black journal on my to buy list.

Anonymous said...

Mon dieu! Angelique! *lol* I remember!

Whether or not I can now digest epic love stories and in what form depends on my mood. So I can't really pinpoint one.
A loooong time ago (23 years) I read one book that I guess set me on the path of romance. It was Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.

Noelle said...

Ah The Count of Monte Cristo a tale of Love long denied and serious revenage. I love it too! Both the book and the recent movie.

Diane Bradford said...

Sigh....I love that movie (Last of the Mohicans). I've watched it a million times, and I will probably watch it another million. I, too, am a sucker for epic love stories. One of my favorites is an old western starring Gregory Peck in The Big Country. Romance at it's best.

Anonymous said...

The Big Country? Haven't seen that one. But I love Gregory Peck. Especially in To Kill A Mockingbird. Moby Dick is also a favorite of mine. Captain Horatio Hornblower, R.N.... don't get me started! Oh, let's not forget The Omen!

Oh oh oh!!! I got another one. A real good one. The Thorn Birds. Not the TV adaptation. The book.

Noelle said...

Diane, Hubby and I love old movies. We'll have to check that one out.

B I love the latest BBC version of Horatio Hornblower. Oh and the Sharpe Series with Sean Bean. Very Romantic hero.

Samantha Kane said...

I love Last of the Mohicans. DDL is the stuff of fantasies in that movie. Good epic love stories are timeless and worth their weight in gold. Gone With the Wind comes to mind. I think a lot of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss's early books were epic love stories, Shanna, Ashes in the Wind, The Flame and the Flower.

While I love a good epic romance I tend to like my romances a little more cozy. I like small love stories. For instance, since I'm thinking of DDL, A Room With a View (even though he wasn't the romantic hero in that one.) Old movie examples would be Now, Voyager with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid, or another Bette Davis film Dark Victory. Both tear-jerkers, so be warned.

Oh, and I am Sean Bean obsessed.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I just thought of another one. One of the few movies I love and that always make me cry pathetically (you know that real wailing and heartfelt sobbing that goes along with using so many Kleenex that you run out of them and you need to use toilet paper instead): Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa.

Noelle said...

Sam I agree. They have thier place an small cozy stories can be great to.

I still have the diary with tear stains were I wrote about having just watched it.
I even wrote papers in college about Isak Dinesen (Karen von Blixen). She was such an amazing lady.
That's a true life Epic Love Story

Samantha Kane said...

Out of Africa is fabulous. I really didn't want to like Redford's character because I actually think he was pretty selfish and a bit of a nob. But still, when her ex comes to tell her he died my heart broke. I have a quote from the book on my website.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I loved RR's character all the more because he was so desperate to love on his own terms and didn't want to be tied down. Some birds are just meant to fly. You can't cripple them by locking them in a cage - they'll find a way out sooner or later anyway. And if they fly away they were never meant to be really yours anyway. I so felt for him, because he really loved her and he gave her everything he could - but it wasn't enough for her. So in my point of view she was the selfish one (but I loved her nonetheless).

Noelle said...

I don't see one at fault over the other.
In a way you could say neither was selfish but both just who they were and it couldn't be helped that that was at odds to the relationship.
Or you could say they both were selfish and neither willing to compromise for the relationship.

Anonymous said...

No, no! There's no fault, no blaming here. I think the characters were perfect. Absolutely perfect. Doomed from the start. But perfect!!!

Noelle said...

Yes exactly. :)

Samantha Kane said...

Yes, exactly. Doomed. If they had been any different it would have worked out or been cut short and that wasn't the story. They had to be just as they were for that particular story/movie. And it's not that I didn't like him, I didn't WANT to like him, but I did. And I understood him. That was a very complex film and the actors played it perfectly. And she was selfish. You're right. In the end her love affair with Africa was more important to her than him. At one point it almost seems like he'll do it her way, but then he realizes he'll always be second to her. Or was that just me? I admit it's been a very long time since I saw it, but that's my memory of it.

Anonymous said...

Same here! Well, only the other way round. *lol* I didn't want to like her but I did. I even understood her motives. And yes, yes! There was a point where he wanted to give it all up for her - to be her #1 but he realized he never would be... and so...

OMG... let me check if I have enough Kleenex at home. If I do, I need to watch the movie NOW. ;-)

Noelle said...

That's an idea for a blog series. Exploring the ideas in classic love stories.
Gone with the Wind next? Street Car named Desire? Guys and Dolls?

Samantha Kane said...

LOL, you and your Skye Masterson. I love the movie, but have a really hard time with the romance between those two. Maybe Jean Simmons played it TOO straight? IDK

But, yes, another blog series! Me likey.