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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Helo You're My Hero

By Noelle
So I had a couple of ideas for a blog today but somehow they all got complicated or depressing. So in keeping with Barbara’s series of archetypes and a recent blog at Kiss and Tell Girls about heroes, I thought I’d just do a short post about my love for the Battlestar Galactica character Karl C. Agathon , call sign Helo, Human, Captain, Electronic Countermeasures Officer, Caprican (like me), Lover, Father, Warrior

Stranded with his co-pilot, Sharon, behind enemy lines he fights to keep them both alive only to find out just after he's fallen for her that she's a cylon and she's having his child. The first cylon/human hybrid ever. He wants to kill her. She the enemy and that's his duty. He even shoots her in the shoulder but finds he can't take her life because he still loves her and believes regardless of what she is, she loves him too. They keep fighting side by side till they are finally rescued and return to The Galactica only to face great suspicion and prejudice. He's a loyal solider but even more loyal to his woman and his child. And he could never do anything less than fight for the things he loves. 
That is why I love me some Helo! 


Samantha Kane said...

Oh, wow, I don't watch this, but what a fabulous storyline! I love the discussions everywhere on heroes lately. For me, the hero is the key to any book or show or movie. I can work with a meh heroine as long as the hero totally trips my trigger. I tend to connect more with the heroes of both my books and the books I read, rather than the heroines. So for me, writing good heroines is much, much harder.

Noelle said...

Hi Sam - I have this theory that with every story there is always a small part of us that wants to take the heroines place so it‘s always harder to connect with her.

As far as I’m concerned BattleStar Galactica is the best written show on television. Each week I am truly amazed at the masterful story telling that just seems to get better and better. But there are only three episodes left EVER! :(. If you ever take a notion or have the time, past episodes are on Hulu. The bulk of their love story takes place in season 1 I believe.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's the stuff great stories are made of. I wish I had more time to watch TV!!! Argh!