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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have to say that I love New York City. And I love going with my kid. She’s been going to the City on her own since she was 9 or so it’s like having a personal tour guide. She’s such a cool traveler where I am not. You should have seen me at airport security, I’m always a wreck, wearing metal, dropping things, you name it.
We stayed at the Double Tree Metropolitan where they bring you warm cookies as you check in. Heaven! The room was typically small but gorgeously modern with a nice big screen TV to watch the last two games of the Australian Open.
The first night we were there we were a little tried from being in Philly earlier that day and taking the train into NYC. (The train station out was my favorite part of Philly. ;) ). So we ordered room service Mac & Cheese. OMG talk about comfort food! It was almost worth the high room service price.
The next day after breakfast we headed out shopping. The first major stop was H&M. They had the best sales going on and I got the great black tee with a pulp fiction romance cover on the front in bright pink. I can’t wait to wear it to the next CRW chapter meeting.
Next was Bloomingdales. Did you know that if you go by their visitor’s center you can get a guest card for 11% off of everything? I got the girls some really cute stuff from Free People that with the visitor discount was 61% off!
After that we need refreshments and stopped by Café Metro and got turkey, brie and pear on Russian black bread, very very good.
That night after my daughter’s appointment we saw Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam Theater. I could have just stood in the lobby for hours the building itself is unbelievable! The show was better than I imagined. The magic tricks and special effects plus the beautiful songs in that historic theater is not to be missed.
The last day was the day of the big lunch date with Amy the editor and Emily the agent. The offices were right around the corner but I didn’t get to see much of them since everything was in boxes for Kensington’s move to offices near the main library.
When Amy said Kate Duffy would join us I was thrilled. I’d had lunch with her once before and enjoy her frank and open manner. Emily joined us at the restaurant, Dos Caminos, the food was wonderful but the conversation even better!
Since Emily came in later we hadn’t had a chance to talk so she walked with my daughter and I back toward the hotel when my daughter mentioned something sweet Emily had the perfect place, The Magnolia Bakery. We had a very nice time walking and talking and eating our cupcakes in Rockefeller Center.
After that to was off to the airport and back to the day job. L All in all , food shopping and meeting wise it was a great trip.

Noelle, Amy, Emily, Kate

Kid with Cupcake in Rockefeller Center


Lucinda Betts said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Shelli Stevens said...

How fun, Noelle! I'd love to be able to do that some day. And yummy on the cupcake! You totally don't look old enough to have a daughter more than a few years old!

It's so great to put faces with names!

Samantha Kane said...

I love Kate Duffy. She cracks me up. And I love NYC! I'm so jealous. Did you go to Tiffany's? I love Tiffany's. What? I never claimed not to be shallow. Although apparently I love everyone and everything. **snort**

Noelle said...

Shelli thanks for the compliment it's my German genes. All my mother's mother's family look young for thier age.

LOL Sam. No Tiffany's :( Maybe next time.