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Sunday, November 2, 2008

All Hail the Sexiness of the Troubadour

Just so we are clear, yes I am suppose to be writing. But Radio Paradise played Johnny Cash’s version of Rusty Cage and I couldn't help but stop and listen and think about my deep love for Chris Cornell and the type of hero he represents. 

All hail the sexiness of the troubadour. The archetypical brooding artist in whose mind and soul lay the key to an intense hard fought  HEA. *sigh*  

Who is your favorite example in books, movies, music etc.

Rusty Cage 

lyrics by Chris Cornell

You wired me awake
And hit me with a hand of broken nails
You tied my lead and pulled my chain
To watch my blood begin to boil
But Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run
Too cold to start a fire
I’m burning diesel burning dinosaur bones
Ill take the river down to still water
And ride a pack of dogs
Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run
Hits like a phillips head
Into my brain
Its gonna be too dark
To sleep again
Cutting my teeth on bars
And rusty chains, Im gonna break my
Rusty cage and run
When the forest burns
Along the road
Like gods eyes
In my headlights
When the dogs are looking
For their bones
And its raining icepicks
On your steel shore
Im gonna break
Im gonna break my
Im gonna break my rusty cage and run

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