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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When to Choose Burial or Reincarnation

Recently Barbara and I decided to think about reincarnating a MS we'd buried. I was leery at first but Barbara's ideas were sound and we incorporated some things to heighten the tension and keep it going and I really Believe the MS has found a new life! But the question is when do you play Dr. Frankenstein instead of the Mortician?

Well first I think you need to learn how to be a great Medical Examiner. (Yes I know I'm taking the analogies too far but bear with me) The most important thing to understand before you bring a MS back to life is what killed it in the first place. We thought about contest feedback, editor and agent rejections and looked long and hard at what was weak, clich├ęd and lacking and cut it out. Then we looked at what was good and solid and exciting, preserved that and injected it with strong ,creative and emotionally tense implants. We rebuilt it better, stronger faster.... Okay Okay that's too far. It may not be the 6 million dollar MS now but... It's Alive!!

So what are your thoughts on when and how you decide to rebuild or plan the funeral?

Bonus Question: Would you rename the MS?


Noelle said...

I read your message on your blog and tried toleave a comment but I think I lost my message there. So, let me just say here that I think it's a great idea to resurrect an old story and breathe new life in it. As skills improve and a new view of the story comes into being, I think an old story has every chance of becoming a new and vibrant tale.
Sarah McNeal

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Okay Noelle, I haven't got a clue about the neame of the MS you want to ressurect. I see the list there and read the post but no name that I could see. I'll just have to go to dummy jail. LOL

Anonymous said...

From Martha:

You don't have to be either Dr. Frankenstein or a mortician if your MS is a Phoenix and rises from its own ashes. See if you can work "Firebird" into the title.

Noelle said...

Sorry I wasn't clear. What I mention was, in general if you rework a MS should you rename it also.