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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poor Samson, It was Lenny Kravitz who got it right.

This next year for me is going to be about small steady changes that will lead to me being the best me I can be when I have a milestone birthday at the end of 08.
I've started this labor with one big change. I got the idea from a wise 17 year old that had had a bad audition and didn’t get a part she’d been looking forward to since last summer. She had about ten inches cut off her hair and looking at all the dark brown strands around the swivel chair said "That's the cast list for Pippin on the floor, I'm done with it."
There can be a lot of things wrapped up in our attachment to our hair. Lenny Kravitz cut off his dreads to free himself from the negative energy locked up in them. Samson let himself believe it was to secret to his power. I've had long naturally blond hair almost all of my life.
I've had it short exactly twice before. When I was in grade school my mother got tired of dealing with the tangles and took me to get a "Dorothy Hamill". I hated it and cried for days and neither one of us dared to cut my hair anywhere near above my shoulders again until I was 16 and I had it all cut very very short for my first and last modeling job at a Sebastian International Hair show. My mother cried that time.
After my daughter's appointment, I made one for the next day and made up my mind it was time to let it go. This time no one cried. It was a very good thing. I love it and everyone else does too. But what exactly was I holding on to all those years? Fear of powerlessness? My Youth? My Sexuality? Whatever I thought it was, it's in the trash now and I don't feel powerless or old or dowdy. I feel renewed and ready to begin a new year of improvements heading toward that milestone.


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