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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BS to the –ly myth

I got really angry yesterday. I had finally gotten around to reading a paranormal that came out over a year ago that everyone is saying is the best Debut Paranormal to come out since Sherilyn Kenyon’s first. I’m just getting into it but so far it’s lived up to all the hype until I started to notice something, 22 –ly words in 4 pages.

What made me mad wasn’t that they were there, no they worked within the story just fine. What I resented was that I was pulled out of the story noticing them, because I’d bought into the myth that –ly words were “bad” and had been diligently working to keep them out of my WIP because somewhere in some workshop someone said you won’t get published with too many –ly words in your manuscript. You know what I say… BS to the –ly myth!

Not only is the book I’m reading the Debut novel for this Author (so you can’t argue published authors get away with things others don’t) it was read and contracted, LY words and all, by the most respected, well know editorial director in the industry (so you can't say you might get away with it in small houses). The national buyer for one of the largest retail book chains even admits to being a huge fan of this author and this book.

All those 22 –ly words don’t hurt the story at all they enhanced it! They only reason they hurt it was because I’d bought into the myth.

Feel free to post your comment about the reasoning behind why they are considered bad, I don’t care I’m not buying it anymore.

Whew! It feels go to get that out of my system! Maybe I can go back to enjoying the book now.


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